Entry #1

Thanks and drawing info.

2009-10-21 00:09:17 by KimiCookie

I'd like to thank everyone again, who has commented on my work. :3

I had a lot of questions asked me, here are my answers.

"Want to be friends?"
Sure~ A person can never have too many friends ;3

How did you draw this out, How is it drawn out, or What tools do you use?"
I use a WACOM Graphire 3 Tablet, with Photoshop CS3, and Paint Tool Sai. Every now and then I sketch
on paper with pencil and paint on canvas with acrylic paints.


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2009-10-21 01:43:35

I would love to see some canvas work.

Photoshop is great technology, but if used too often I feel it depreciates fine works of art that was traditionally done with the humble brush.

Also~ Welcome to NG, I understand you are fairly new to this website so let me fill you in on some cool stuff.

"Luis" the NG user and Tom Fulp's Best-Friend <3
has orginized a little flash collab he holds every year called the


You should submit something for 2010.


2009-10-21 02:13:43

You have nice art. I haven't actually commented on any of it though.

Enjoy life.


2009-10-21 03:04:29

your awesome


2009-10-22 17:39:38

love ur art


2009-10-23 06:12:27

Good art